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Sophie Makes It Simple
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I hired Sophie to help me find the tools I needed to build an ambitious life and home. I was ashamed of my lack of organization, and my mountain of stuff but she made the process easy and fun. I appreciate how she made tackling a huge project seem as simple as having coffee with a good friend. Discreet and understanding. She is a very empowering person to work with.

Victoria W., Napa

I have worked with Sophie for over a year now. She is completely professional and trustworthy- on time, prepared, flexible, accepting, and positive. She has a gift for quickly noting trouble spots and finding quick solutions so next steps can be taken.

I want to become more skilled at managing clutter without having anxiety. Every time I use Sophie's services she helps me with this. She makes my goals her goals.

I give her my most enthusiastic recommendation!

Shay C., Petaluma

Sophie has helped me in more ways than one. Having my home and office more organized has given me a freedom that I didn't know I could have. I have more time in my day to do things that I want to do because I am not spending hours looking for things that I cannot find, cleaning up old messes, and finding missing paperwork etc.

Sophie is smart, compassionate, non-judgmental, and she has great ideas. She has a math degree which I think is why she is so good at problem solving. She works fast and efficiently and is patient and kind. I have a session with Sophie every 6 months to keep me on track!

Lisa P., Portland, OR

Sophie was a delight to deal with from start to finish. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I was feeling overwhelmed by the tasks & stuff cluttering up my life. Sophie was a pleasure to work with. Bottom line: everything I had hoped to get done did!

She came in without an agenda, really listened to me & heard my goals. Was very realistic about what I needed help getting done.

Sophie is very reasonably priced (I got a package).

So glad I found her!!!!!

Jeni C., San Francisco

There are many types of organizers out there. I'm sure there is one for every personality who wants freedom from OR access to his or her "stuff." There are those that are into designing your space, those that do tasks on command, and those who put like with like and neaten things up. Sophie is all and more.

To my mind, Sophie is the best because she understands all the rudimentary elements of getting the job done efficiently, easily melds with your personality and quirks to make the process fun, can work without supervision, and has enormously good humor and perspective about the issues of why we need 'organizing' in the first place. The best part about Sophie is that she has had formal training with library collections and materials. She is involved in all the local professional organizations so she is 'professionalism personified.' She has common sense AND sensibility about history - your history. Sense & Sensibility!!

Sophie works untiringly as if she were born to the pleasure of getting it all manageable: Think of a dog that tirelessly digs up all her bones, then digs a big hole and unifies them in one spot. Sophie just digs in and gets the job done. Efficient and focused -- less time and money.

Sophie takes the stress out of that elephant in the living room or den or basement.

Give yourself a gift - Get Sophie to truly make it simple.

Gretchen S., Emeryville

Sophie has the amazing ability to take what feels like an overwhelming horror show & turn it into a pleasant, successful experience. She helped me to move into my house, set up my filing system for me, & organized a vicious closet. In each of these endeavors, her organizational skills & steady optimism were enormously helpful. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Nicolai S., Petaluma

Our two-car garage was so full of stuff that even one small car could barely fit. Sophie separated the good stuff from the recyclables, asked me whenever there was a doubt, then packed and labeled the keepers and removed the rest, leaving so much more space! She did in two days what I could not have done in ten. And no stress!

Joan M., Santa Monica

Sophie is fabulous. She was not at all daunted by the disaster in our tutoring room (even though we were!). We hadn't used it for it's intended purpose for almost a year. She listened to our challenges and fears around some of the purging and relocating of stuff and then set to work to come up with a plan that would work for us long-term. As we saw the transformation taking place, it encouraged us to put things where they belonged in an effort to stay organized. We are happy to say that we are now using our tutoring room for tutoring (instead of storage). It's two months later and we are still keeping up with Sophie's organizational plan so that valuable space remains functional. Thanks Sophie!

Carrie H., Petaluma

Sophie Makes It Simple is the understatement of the year! She is a powerhouse of organization, efficiency, generosity and (most importantly) honesty. She took an incredibly overwhelming and very personal situation for our family and made it tolerable. Her willingness to tackle the seemingly insurmountable and make it manageable - in less than 7 days! - is what makes her so good at her job. Her communication skills & flexibility are top notch, and she does this all with a true professionalism (and a sense of humor, to boot). Thanks, Sophie - you did way more than make it simple.

Chris T., Portland, OR

Sophie is fun, smart, quick, efficient and kind. All the traits you want in an organizer.

Ann L., Santa Monica

Sophie has helped me with daily tasks, helped me clean out drawers and closets, potted plants, moved my computer into another room, and set it up. Shredded decades of paper and then took it to be recycled, made countless trips to Goodwill, and then, popped the trunk of her car, put my wheelchair in, and took me to shop for groceries, brought them in, and put them away.

I am a senior in my eighties with physical limitations and arthritis so you can see that Sophie has been a godsend to me, and I love and appreciate her more than words can say.

Janet C., Petaluma

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